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What is Dead Lands: a RP-PVP Conan Exiles Server

You are an exile awaiting your fate. You've only been here for hours, and began hearing the horror stories within the ghost wall. They call it The Dead Lands. The sounds of clashing metal and screams entice fearful curiosity outside your cell. Through the small window you can barely see hustle and bustle of people who have made their living in this strange place. When the warden finally calls your name, your raise to your feet to hear whether you will join the outside world, or face execution. Whatever God you believe in, you pray. Will they give you a chance to brave this strange land?

Who knows. . .

Our Mission: The Dead Lands is a dedicated RP-PVP server with Conan Lore focus with low fantasy elements. Our goal is to weave stories with our player base for a unique experience. We host role play events every 1-2 weeks.

Our Server: Dedicate Host40 Player SlotsActive Admins/Mods18+ ServerAdult Role playGrowing Quest Chains that reward Money, Items,and Experience!Player CityFresh Unclaimed LandUnique DecorNo AvatarsStructure Damage OffConsent based/Grief free PvP2XP Rates (Special Rates on Weekends!)Collaborative storytelling between players and admin (We want to help you write the narrative you want!) Mods

Pippi,Pickup+ Conan Sexiles Shendelzare's Secret Immersive Sexiles Server Mod DyeMoreBettererFashionistKerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh, RP Aesthetics (RA) AquilonianFemales Emberlight Speech Bubbles Savage Steel Immersive Sexiles Stacks x1000 Exiles Extreme Exiled Lands ImprovedStygian Building Kit Glass Constructions and more Improved Quality of Life SlaverMod Placement Restrictions - Overlaps Edition - No NPC CampsIP: Server IP: Discord:

We look forward to having you in our Dead Lands!

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