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On the shores of the southern river, in the shadow of the ruins of Deadman's Retreat, a semblance of civilization has risen. The survivors of the Retreat, lead by Sheriff Estevan Corso, have come together to create a new home for themselves. In the tight alleyways and streets of Shanty Town the Exiles can find people not only surviving, but beginning to thrive. Amidst the quickly built walls and rickety plank walk ways can be found all manner of services

There are a few simple rules in Shanty Town:
No magic
No stealing
No drawn weapons

Break these and you'll find yourself on the wrong side of Sheriff Corso, a place you certainly do not want to be.

Shanty Town is now considered to be In Character. The Thespian NPC's inside do not currently have quests or dialogue, but they will gain these over time. For now use them in your RP as you wish (Short of killing them of course). We'd like to encourage everyone to treat this new town as an RP hub. A place to gather, start stories, engage with others, etc...

Location: Middle of G4


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